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The Miracle Mentality by Jessica L. Graham

My name is Jessica L. Graham, I am an Entrepreneur and Sales Professional. I have a bachelor’s degree in Pre-Law Political Science and I have led organizations and business teams to achieve success within the last 6 years. I have pushed myself outside of every comfort zone imaginable. My passion is to use my higher influence to unlock the potential in those who feel stuck in life.

I am an AVID reader & researcher; I have read & studied many hours of self-help materials and biblical teachings. I’ve studied and implemented teachings from my mentors who have all achieved 7 & 8 figure earnings through their companies. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on conferences, and online programs by some of the greatest thought leaders in business and mindset coaching from the USA to the UK.

Let’s Get Into It.

Living with the Miracle Mentality means to live courageously. Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It is feeling the fear and doing “it” anyway. Whatever it may be for you. "How?", might you ask. How can someone live with the Miracle Mentality? It is not How but Who that equips us to do so. God is the how and the who. More specifically, it is the Holy Spirit that is moving in and around us here on Earth. Tim Storey, a wonderful speaker, author, philanthropist, as well as Oprah Winfrey’s friend, wrote the book The Miracle Mentality. The principles he shares in his book have transformed the way I perceive my daily life. There is no way to truly encompass this entire body of work here. However, there are some key points I will impart to you.

Many of us get discouraged along the way in living life with the Miracle Mentality. We want to believe everything is working for our good, but the truth is, this can be hard to fathom when our current outcomes look different than what we had in mind. Tim Storey says, “Maybe this is a season of your life when you are doing all these things unto the Lord, serving another person’s vision and understanding that eventually you will reap what you sow. Believe that it will come back around to you. Build your spot and life will shine a spotlight on it”.

Due to social media, we often see those in the spotlight. It can oftentimes appear like you’re being left out or you have FOMO because it seems that you’re left out of the spotlight. However, the spotlight is developed wherever you are now. It is when people don’t see or notice you that you’re being developed. You never have to get into the spotlight. If you work the spot you’re in and do all that you can where you are, then God will shine the light on your spot and then BOOM you’ll be in the spotlight.

Lastly, Mr. Storey talks about living an abundant life. Although circumstances can be unfavorable, it is important to not walk around with your head held down thinking that you aren’t going to reach your higher self. God is an utmost God. This means He does not create “almost” children. You must walk in the knowledge that you are an utmost child of an utmost God. Living with the Miracle Mentality is living in a state of believing God for the impossible. It’s not asking questions like "Why me?", but instead "How is this molding me to be the best of me?". We must live in a state of constant improvement, but not in a way that we don’t love and appreciate exactly where we are now. It’s believing that you are getting better and better while embracing the steps in the journey. Become present in the moment. Understand that you are tending to your spot knowing that God will shine the light on your spot then you’ll be in the spotlight.

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