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Let's Talk About Love.

How do you define success? A healthy marriage? A well-paying career? A nice home? Me, I define it by the “Well done, my daughter.” that I hope to receive it at the end. Success to me is living a life where I can communicate about God to others, and hence love.

There is more than one type of love out there. How often do we think of the different types of love? With English being my native language, I learned to use love for almost anything I adored, whether it be my favorite food, my pets, or my parents. But there is so much more to this word love than what suits its basic usage. Let's take a look at the four Greek definitions of love.

First, we have Eros: romantic or sexual love. I think that when people hear the word love, this is what typically comes to mind(or is it just me?). Like many others, it has been ingrained into my mind since childhood. Valentine's day parties at school and kid's movies with happy romantic endings always had me dreaming of love. Even the basic shape of a heart, which I learned with the rest of my shapes in Pre-K, is modeled after two people kissing. This type of love is beautiful to find and is desired by many, if not most people.

Then there's Philia: feeling part of a team or group. This type of love has been a struggle for me in the past. I can easily find myself to be nervous in groups, especially after they exceed a certain size. Unfortunately, I tend to feel a huge lack of love in these settings and I don't always push myself to love in this way. Moving forward, I have the goal to change the way I operate with this type of love.

Next, we have Storge: family love or close friends. I cherish this type of love because of the people in my life that I associate with it. However, storge love hasn't always felt effortless to convey. Some of my worst experiences with disappointment and hurt were from individuals that were so close to me, I never would have expected such harsh treatment from them. I certainly would not have seen myself hurting these people because of the way I loved them, which made the pain worse. Even still, I desire to become more Christ-like and grow stronger in this area of love despite the challenges I've faced.

Finally, there's Agape: unconditional love. This one is my personal favorite because it is characteristic of how God loves us. Agape never runs out and is stronger than what we know to be strength itself. In all of our mess-ups and imperfections, God loves us without hesitation or question. As I go throughout my life and try to become more like my Heavenly Father, I hope to achieve this form of love in all aspects of my life.

I believe that in this life, we are supposed to strive to love in all aspects of life and by doing so, we become closer to Jesus and understanding His marvelous act of love on the cross. Will this be a perfect walk? No, but perfection isn't necessary. A willing heart is. Shay L’Amour is where I choose to share my journey on loving in every aspect of life. This is where I make love my lifestyle.

Loving as I live,


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