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Shay L'Amour

Loving as I Live.


About Shay L'Amour

Loving is my lifestyle! As a young Christian woman, it’s my mission to represent Christ’s love daily. Whether it be about business, service, people, or experiences, I’ve learned that no matter what I do, it should be done in love. After all, God is love. As I make my lifestyle mimic Him, I hope to communicate that in every aspect.    


Shay L’Amour is where I choose to share my journey in living that 1 Corinthians 16:14 life. Stick around as I aim to connect my faith, passions, and business ventures… all in the name of love.

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Prize, Not Punishment

A 10-Day Devotional To Loving and Embracing Your Single Season!

Have you ever felt like your single season was a punishment? Well, it certainly is not! In fact, there is much to appreciate about singleness. In this 10-Day devotional, you will learn about the beauty of being single, how to take advantage of the time of singleness, and how to prepare for God's best for you in relationships. Are you ready to change how you view singleness? 

Loving as I Write.


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